Tourism Board supports diversification of tourist products in Africa

 African Tourism Board (ATB) is looking to cooperate with African countries to develop beach tourism, marine tourist resources and sports tourism which are best tourist products in Africa in need for local and international marketing and promotional strategies. 

Beach and marine resources tourism along the Eastern Coast of the Indian Ocean are potential tourist products in Africa in need for development and exposure to international tourists, ATB Chairman Mr. Cuthbert Nkube said. 

Mr. Ncube said, after a day-long visit of Sinda marine island off-the Indian Ocean coast in Tanzania’s commercial capital of Dar es Salaam, that marine tourist parks in East Africa could attract big numbers of international-class tourists. 

The ATB Chairman, who was on a six-day working tour in Tanzania, said that Africa needs to diversify its tourist attractions available in the continent other than wildlife resources – the leading tourist attraction in the continent. 

“Let us expose our islands in this continent to local, regional and international tourists,” Ncube said this week after a visit to Sinda island last Sunday. 

During his day-long tourist excursion on the island, Mr. Ncube met and held discussions with Tanzanian deputy ministers for Natural Resources and Tourism Mr. Constantine Kanyasu, Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Dr. Damas Ndumbaro and Livestock and Fisheries Mr. Abdallah Ulega. 

Tanzania has seven protected Marine Parks, best for beach tourism, mostly swimming, scuba diving, underwater sports and marine life excursions. 

Mr. Ulega said that Marine Parks in Tanzania were not well marketed to attract big numbers of tourists. 

On his part, Mr. Ncube advised the Tanzanian government and other stakeholders to take quick initiatives that would help to develop, then market and promote marine tourism through joint partnership with ATB.