First households on LPG list to be connected free

The government, through Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC), is working out a special deal to ensure that the first customers on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distribution list are connected freely. 

This will ensure connection of natural gas infrastructure for domestic use in all regions will be accessible by the service, said Energy Minister, Dr Medard Kalemani. 

Launching the construction of natural gas infrastructure for domestic use at Mnazi Mmoja Village in Lindi Region, Dr Kalemani called on residents to grab the opportunity to bring their own development and eliminate air pollution, the high cost of buying charcoal and firewood. 

He made it clear that after the consumers to be connected to the distribution of natural gas infrastructure, institutions such as schools, hospitals or business premises such as hotels or restaurants would be installed with meters that will work like the LUKU system to ease energy consumption.

After being connected to the infrastructure, a customer will recharge units according to his own consumption under prepaid service terms; failure to do so, will result in the meter being shut down. Dr Kalemani added that a family of six people is estimated to spend Tsh30,000 per month on cooking gas. According to him, the government has discovered natural gas in the country that produces electricity; we are now distributing this gas in homes for cooking purposes.

A user will not pay charge at the time of connection. ‘’You will pay for what you consume, which will be less compared to traditional fuels such as firewood and charcoal,’’ said the minister. Dr Kalemani observed that the scheme was part of the government’s effort to encourage use of locally available natural gas as well as reduce logging for firewood and charcoal production to support the conservation endeavour.