Social groups to benefit from NMB digital account

NMB Bank has introduces a digital product, NMB Pamoja Account, as part of its digital transformation strategy in Tanzania. It reckons the digital bank aims to bridge the gap between traditional banking and the new, digital-savvy generation in the country, aiming at making banking services simple, more accessible and convenient.

The first-of-its-kind comprehensive digital platform for community groups enables them to experience the convenience of a range of services completely digitally-instant overdraft facility and business loans through multiple digital modes.

The product aimed at targeting both formal and informal social groups, with the main objective to ensure more Tanzanians access to financial services. Coming at a time when the country, with a growing economy and population, the expansion is demanding wider access to digital services.

The digital banking solution provides NMB customers across the market with affordable, convenient, fast and easily accessible banking services.

Commenting on the launch, Ruth Zaipuna, acting NMB Bank Managing Director, said this was a significant achievement for the bank, having now launched a digital account in the market. 

“Our aim is to continue to bridge the gap between financial institutions and the common people through the product. The growing population of Tanzania demands faster and more convenient banking. It has been very rewarding to wit- ness increased acceptance and a growing demand for our digital products across the country.

The move will position us as the premier digital bank in our market of choice,” she said. The NMB boss pointed out that the launch of the digital account in the country was an important chapter and a development turn- around for the country. ‘’Going digital also means progression, not just for their business, but also for their clients,’’ she quipped.