NMB donates materials to Zanzibar schools

NMB Bank Plc has donated building materials worth Tsh10 million to schools in Kikwajuni Constituency in Zanzibar. Receiving the donation, Isles Second Vice-President, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, thanked the bank ‘for the valuable sup- port’. He acknowledged that the government has done a lot in improving education and health sectors where the res- idents are receiving essential social services free of charge. 

The bank has donated 215 roofing sheets and 333 piec- es of building timber for the development of Kiduta- ni, Jangombe and Miembeni schools in the constituency. 

Ambassador Iddi seized the opportunity to urge electorates to carefully select leaders in the upcoming general elections. “You can complete the remaining work in respective constituencies, but never indulge in corruption to woo voters,” he said. The vice-president not- ed that the MP and Member of the House of Representatives have done a good job in the constituency, which others could learn from at such time when the country is preparing for the general elections.

The constituency is currently under Hamad Masauni as its MP, who is also the Deputy Minister for Home Affairs in the Union Government. He also thanked NMB for the support, adding that it has col- laborated well with the House of Representatives member Nassor Salim Ali in terms of tackling water shortage, roads repairs and ensuring that the elderly enjoyed a decent life. 

Filbert Mponzi, Chief Retail Banking at NMB said; “This is among our corporate socio responsibility. We always allocate at least one per cent of the bank’s profit back to the community in supporting education, health and in disasters.”The event also attended by the bank’s Zanzibar BranchManager, Abdallah Duch, who said that in the past seven consecutive years, they have been allocating one per cent of their profit to enhance education and health programmes in the Isles through their CSR initiatives.