TPSF goes digital to help members skirt corruption, red tape

The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) has urged members of the business community to use a digital facility it has launched to easily skirt the current irksome red tape and corruption in doing business. The facility has been sponsored by the Trade Mark East Africa. 

TPSF Director of Members Services, Mr Zachy Mbenna, said in an interview with Azam TV over the weekend that members should access the National Freight and Logistics Information Portal (NFLIP) for exhaustive information. No fee is charged for registration, but an applicant must have tax identifi- cation number (TIN) and a business licence, he said. 

The senior foundation’s offi- cial said use of the facility would not only help members thwart corruption and red tape, but it would go a long way in fighting the current COVID 19 disease by reducing crowds in offices, sav- ing people’s time and travel costs. 

“We are thankful to the Trade Mark East Africa for the sponsorship with express view of spurring vibrant business growth in the country,” he said. 

He added that the facility would help encourage performance in hotel, lodge and food provision businesses and the hospitality industry in general. 

Mr Mbenna said the foundation anticipated challenges in strengthening the new digital system, explaining that even members themselves might not enthusiastically embrace the new system simply because it was something new. “We also expect to have difficulty in eliminating middlemen who are benefiting from the current system,” he explained.