TPSF pledges to promote private sector ‘with sincerity’

The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) has pledged to remain sincere to advancing the interests of the private sector and linking its members to chief stakeholders in and outside Tanzania.

TPSF Chairperson Angelina Ngalula told reporters in Dar es Salaam recently that she wanted to assure all members countrywide that the foundation remained committed to providing a platform for the private sector to engage in private-public dialogues at local, national and international levels.

The foundation has 318 direct members and uses the member network to serve more than six million entrepreneurs in formal and informal private businesses.

“Our foundation is strong. We shall continue to work with sincerity on issues that led to formation our foundation. TPSF and the government enjoy very strong cooperation. We shall continue to work very closely with the government in promoting the development interests of
Tanzanians by building a strong national economy,” she pledged.

Ms Ngalula said the foundation had made leadership changes and called on TPSF members to remain united, saying the foundation would ensure members profit from emerging local and international opportunities.

TPSF, she said, would ensure members benefited from and increase the share market for their products and services. “Our current strategy is to focus on providing services outside Tanzania, strengthen local markets, participate in building physical infrastructures and increase investments in existing infrastructures,” she explained.

The Acting Managing Director, Mr Zachy Mbenna, praised work of the Mr Godfrey Simbeye, whose office term has ended, saying time had come to ensure the private and public sectors worked together to promote national development.

He said cooperation between the TPSF and government had unveiled challenges that had to be discussed by the two sides to promote economic reforms and increase national wealth.

Mr Mbenna said the glaring proof of strong cooperation between the
TPSF and the government was the strong participation of TPSF members in fighting the COVID 19 disease by providing money and medical equipment and materials.

TPSF cooperates with the government in formulating and implementing policies that spur economic growth and create wealth and jobs countrywide. TPSF members belong to l4 clusters based on the structure of national economy.