Vodacom introduces “Build Your Own Bundle” for customers’ preference

Vodacom Tanzania PLC has introduced another first in the market; Buy your Own Bundle ‘BYOB’ a service that gives customers the freedom and convenience to build their own personalized combinations to cater to their unique needs with preferred validity, incentives and cost.
The company Director for Consumer Business Unit, Lin- da Riwa, said recently that over the years Vodacom has consistently set the tone for innovation and digitization by introducing many firsts in the market because of the company’s desire to make customer lives easier, smart- er and more fulfilling through technology and innovation.
“Realising that custom- er needs are different yet all customers want more value for what they pay for, we decided to create this service giving them the freedom to get exactly what they want and at a cost, they are will- ing to spend” said Riwa.
She added that “Customers can design their own bundles composing of Data, SMSs, minutes and combo depend- ing on what they need, at a cost, they can afford at valid- ity, they prefer. This is how much we value our custom- ers and are giving them the freedom to create their own bundle mix thus offering convenience and efficiency in the way customers spend”.
Vodacom Tanzania prides itself as a customer-centric company and has a bundle portfolio that caters for all their customers depending on their specific needs how- ever, this is the first time the company is allowing its cus- tomers to build their own bun- dleatwhatevercosttheycan afford to get what they need.
“For the first time in Tanza- nia, Customers have control
on how much they spend, and what they spend it on. We will continue to roll out innovative services for customers to en- sure that they have an excep- tional experience on a cutting edge Network whenever they are on Vodacom, making life easier by empowering them with the freedom to buy what they use and get more value for data SMS and voice min- ute usage,” Linda concluded.
Speaking on the techni- calities of the service, Voda- com’s Head of Department –Strategy, Consumer In- sights & CVM, Jackson Wal- wa said the service is acces- sible to all customers and on both feature and smartphon.
“ JIMIXIE is specifically designed to ensure that all our customers can buy bun- dles regardless of how much they have; you can buy a bundle with as low as Tan- zanian shillings 520, 630, 710, 870 or as high as pos- sible, in short, we are leav- ing no one behind” he said.