Businesses in Shinyanga, Geita, Tabora applaud NMB’s initiative

The Business Club that connects traders from Shinyanga, Geita and Tabora regions has reacted favour- ably to NMB Bank’s initiative to meet them for exchanging ideas. They said that through the initiative has been a huge opportunity for them to explain the challenges they have been experiencing in their business as well as the opinion on how to improve the bank’s services.

Azan Said, Chairman of the Business Club from Kahama District noted that the NMB pro- gramme gives them strength to continue working with the bank. He added that through this programme, their business have been strong and paying back their loans on time.

Business owners, including entrepreneurs from Kahama in Shinyanga region, Mbogwe in Geita region and Uyui in Tabora region attended the event. Haji Nasoro, a businessman said that they were satisfied with the ongoing service improvements at the bank, urging other traders to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the bank.

“NMB Bank has been a saviour for a long time for us, through this pro- gramme. We have been the biggest beneficiaries of the bank since services have been improved especially in commercial loans,” said Nasoro.
Sospeter Magese, Western Zone Manager at NMB Bank as- sured traders that the bank will continue to create conducive and friendly environment for economic empowerment of business people to keep pace with the growth and the national economy.

According to him, they set a programme of meeting with their customers every year with the aim of improving services and their needs for them to grow. “This bank is owned by customers’ shares as well as the government. We will make sure banking services reach you wherever you are through our agents, and that is
why we continue to work on your ideas and advice,” said Magese.

Loelia Kibassa, Senior Manager Business Banking urged business- es to take advantage of the bank loans ranging from Tsh 500,000 to Tsh 5 billion, and repay on time to creates a good credit history. “Due to the growth of technology and the better services of our bank, try your level best to keep money in the bank for a good credit history,” said Kibassa.

Kahama District Commissioner, Anamringi Macha who was the guest of honour at the forum said the government in collaboration with development partners will continue to create a friendly environment for entrepreneurs to become more economically successful through various loans they take from banks. Macha urged the business- men and entrepreneurs to be loyal to financial institutions and banks that provide them with lending by timely repayment and voluntary payment of taxes.

He pointed out that the government’s commitment aims to further improve the medium-sized economy by assisting businesses from small to large entrepreneurs to be able to pay various levies and taxes to build the economy.