NMB launches Jasiri Club for women

NMB Bank has launched a special club for women christened “Jasiri” designed to inspire, connect and empower women across Tanzania, while catering for their financial and lifestyle needs at various stages in their life.

The ‘Jasiri’ initiative which is part of the Bank’s overall financial inclusion strategy seeks to make specialised banking services available to women by promoting gender equality and ensuring their social and economic welfare.

The product according to the Bank is meant to affect the life of women in a positive manner to support their businesses and families.

High Court Judge, Joaquine De-Mello, who was the guest speaker, pointed out that the move was timely and critical aspect towards women economic emancipation and freedom.

“Giving the significant number of women in the country’s population, sustainable economic development and growth can only be guaranteed if there is deliberate focus on meeting the needs of women. ‘Jasiri’ is therefore an empowerment movement. It is intended to inspire positive changes in women through the various stages of their life, and across all levels of society – from the young graduate, the woman entrepreneur or the woman who is balancing family with work,” said Judge De-Mello yesterday at Mlimani City.

She added that NMB deserves a pat on the back for coming up with the ‘Jasiri’ initiative for empowering women economically and educating them on banking issues as well as promoting financial inclusion equitably.

According to her, this programme will ensure more women have access to banking services such as borrowing.

Studies show that albeit women participation in the domestic economic activities is 54 per cent, most of them still have limited access to banking services which is a major hiccup to their contribution to the national development.

The event also witnessed the introduction of Jasiri banking services package.

The Bank’s Chief for Shared Services, Nenyuata Mejooli shared that ‘Jasiri’ initiative demonstrates the bank’s in depth appreciation of the needs of women which has informed the advancement of this empowerment initiative to ensure the well-being of women in all spheres of their lives.

“Women can do a lot for this country if accorded the chance to do so since they are a force to reckon within constructive engagement. In recognising women’s contribution in building the nation, the Bank is launching Jasiri women club and the Jasiri package, which contains several banking products and services designed to empower women economically,” noted Mejooli.

She said ‘Jasiri’ initiative commends NMB for the revolutionary idea in deepening inclusive banking in the country to reach many unbanked markets.

She noted that the lending services provided by NMB and the entrepreneurship education it offers are vital for women to contribute meaningfully in the economic development.

The Jasiri club and package have been specifically designed to educate women on money matters and offer them with banking opportunities at their disposal from the country’s largest lender.

The Bank said if fully exploited and utilised, the two Jasiri opportunities will play a pivotal role in empowering women economically and enhancing their role in national building.