Invitation floated to locals to invest in gas infrastructure

An invitation has been floated to institutions and individual Tanzanians to invest in the gas infrastructure as it has the potential of transforming the economy and create employment opportunities in the country. 

The invitation has been ex- tended by the Managing Director of Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC), Dr James Mataragio, in an exclusive interview in Dar es Salaam recently. 

“The availability of natural gas in Tanzania is an oppor- tunity if many Tanzanians and organisations will invest in the undertaking. We welcome locals to participate in the investment of gas infrastructure so as to get enough gas to use as a source of electricity and reduce the costs of electricity, Dr Mataragio said. 

He added that gas has the potential of transforming the Tanzanian economy in case of a serious investment. 

The TPDC Chief mentioned the Tanzania-Uganda gas pipeline, saying it will serve as a hub capable of selling gas locally and regionally. We want to produce enough gas locally,” Dr Mataragio said. 

A bigger percentage of elec- tricity in the national grid comes from gas at 57 per cent. About 50 industries are pres- ently using gas, with many of these located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, including those in Mkuranga District. 

Current production stands at 200 cubic meters of gas. The demand for natural gas is higher than the exist- ing capacity to produce. In Mtwara, Lindi, Coast region and Dar we have a project of gas exploration. We will reach many people like in Kigam- boni area- we will fasten the pace of use of natural gas.