Pinda sees investment in agriculture as main key to progress

Former Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda has encouraged businesses and academics to invest heavily in domestic farming sector.

It would hence be possible, he has observed, to increase food production, reduce imports and promote exports, thus contributing to food and nutritional security and foreign currency generation.

Pinda urged businesses to bank on adding value to the chain of production in agriculture, encouraging agro-industries and making agri- culture in the province a profitable commercial activity.

“Agriculture could create more than a million jobs with tan- gible investments. Any nation that is not investing in agricul- ture now is certainly not ready to create employment,” he said.

The ex-Premier pointed out that investing in institutional as- pects of agriculture such as val- ue addition, warehousing, cold storage and packaging, would trim post-harvest farm wastage and increase farmers’ income.

He urged academics and heads of business groups to form a core team to brainstorm on ag- ricultural sector investments. Pinda stressed on the vision to integrate industry with domestic agricultural sector for rural prosperity and for laying the foundation of a sustain- able socio-economic growth. 

He said the sector was critical to the reduction of pover- ty, promoting food and nutri- tion security in the country.