Uber touts solution to allow for multiple errands or deliveries

While locals are encouraged to take health precautions while travelling in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Uber has launched an ‘Hourly Driver’, giving riders an option of requesting a driver by the hour as they complete essential errands or deliveries during this period. 

The ‘Hourly Driver’ facility will allow people to book a driver partner and car by the hour to help get all their essential travel done in one go. 

From a trip from the office, to the pharmacy, to the supermarket to home, this new option is designed to give riders more peace of mind by having fewer interactions with people, and a handy car to help transport things as they buy them. 

Uber’s responsibility doesn’t end at merely providing this service and have kept safety in mind by providing relevant health information with drivers to ensure they are well-trained in COVID-19 related safety protocols and have been provided with hand sanitisers for use during trips. 

Theresia Mshana, Country Manager for Uber, explains; “Using Uber’s technology and logistics expertise for errands or deliveries not only unlocks new income opportunities for drivers, but importantly allows individuals to run multiple errands, limiting the number of times they need to leave their homes, and allows stores or organisations to continue serving communities safely and reliably across Dar es Salaam.”

Mshana added that they are excited about the opportunities it provides organisations or community workers as ‘Hourly Driver’ can assist them by delivering meals or supplies to frontline workers or directly to individual customers who need it the most.

With high-quality professional drivers, riders and businesses no longer have to navigate to multiple locations. Trips and deliveries can be tracked in real-time, while ensuring customer deliveries arrive on time and intact.