Investors assured of friendlier business environment

The government has assured investors that it was creating investment-friendly destination for business to thrive.

Angellah Kairuki, the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office – Investment – gave the assurance at a meeting with industrialists in the Southern Highlands regions, saying the government was further striving to eliminate bureaucratic bottlenecks that have been frustrating investors over the years.

“Among the steps to be taken include energy and other reliable infrastructure aimed at increasing productivity and stimulating steady growth of the manufacturing sector in the country,” she said.

Kairuki told would-be investors to put their minds at rest in terms of the chances of business success in the country.

She pointed out that government recognised the importance of investment in economic recovery, adding that the government has taken various steps to create a favourable environment for investment.

The country offers potential business opportunities because the country performs well in the area of doing business.

Some companies toured by Ms Kairuki include Tukuyu Srings Water, Raphael Group Limited, Stawisha (Dutch Potato Project), Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) na Marmo Granito Mine ( T) Ltd.

“I congratulate you on this proven investment — and on the government side, we will continue to improve the investment environment in the country. The government has taken various steps to ensure that the investment environment remains friendly,” she said.

She added: “We are very pleased at the interest we have seen amongst the investors and I have underscored the commitment of government to continue improving the ease of doing business so that we can really move seamlessly.”

She further said that this showed that Tanzania was one of fastest growing economies on the continent because many countries were choosing the country as a potential area for investment. ‘’The government is pleased with that’’, she said.

She assured investors that the government was ready to offer investors conducive environment to do their business.

Ms Kairuki commended SAGCOT for its initiative and partnership with stakeholders for the good work they were doing in the corridor to ensure the improvement and empowerment of small and medium-scale farmers by teaching them the techniques of productive agriculture that have had a positive impact on economic recovery and stimulating investment in the area.

She noted that the presence of TIC zone office in Mbeya region is among the government’s strongest measures have been taking to ensure that investors have access to services more closely.

According to Kairuki, the government will assure a healthy and competitive environment and a level-playing field for investors.

The Director of Raphael Group Limited Factory, which specialises in growing cereal crops, Raphael Ndelwa, applauded SAGCOT for opening the door for trade by linking them with agricultural institutions as well as meeting factory requirements.

Theresia Mcha, Director of Stawisha Dutch Potato Project in Mbeya, said their organisation worked very closely with the potato growers to ensure better potato cultivation hence increasing productivity.