NMB marks annual customer service week with new digital tools

NMB Bank Plc has joined the rest of the world to mark the ongoing International Customer Service Week by introducing three innovative and transformative digital customer platforms.

The implements aimed at simplifying interactions between the bank and its customers.

The digital customer experience tools launched include WhatsApp Contact Centre number: +255 747 333 444, a self-service to retrieve a purchased LUKU token through dialing a Toll Free 0800 002 002 and instant service feedback through Quick Response (QR code).

“I’m happy to announce the launch of these three digital platforms that will transform our clients experience by offering innovative banking services and opportunity to receive feedback for service improvements. This is one way to celebrate customer service week by showing appreciation to our clients for having decided to work with NMB in their daily economic development work. To make banking systems easy, we are encouraging clients to use the digital experience tools,” said Ruth Zaipuna, NMB CEO.

She added that that the target is having all of our clients who access phones and internet use digital systems while banking and withdrawing, they should not be wasting their time to line up for services that can be done digitally.

NMB aims at recognising, encouraging and appreciating its consumers and staff who deliver exceptional customer experience. The bank also recognises and visits customers appreciating their loyalty and business.

The theme for this year’s Customer Week is “One Team, One Dream.”

The bank continues to stay close to its customers and encourages them to be part of its transformation journey and mission to be the bank of choice by sharing their feedback on service improvements using this channel.

Through the QR code instant feedback platform- displayed on NMB ATM screens across the country and at all service desks in branch network, customers with smart phones can scan and provide feedback on the services received from the bank.

NMB through a “service guarantee” plan, offers customers who purchases LUKU through NMB Mkononi or NMB Wakala, and do not receive the SMS token, this is a self-service channel to retrieve a purchased LUKU token without talking to a contact centre agent.

Dr. Edwin Mhede, NMB’s Board Chairman thanked the bank’s management for coming up with three digital services to improve customer service.

“I would like to bring a boost to the perspective of how we provide customer service so that we can design more ways to increase productivity in this area,” he said.

Dr. Mhede added that “Every person would like to work with the bank that simplifies life economically by understanding the client’s complaints and addressing them right away.”

He pointed out that the newly services are very promising.

He noted that at NMB, one of their core values is Customer Service Excellence and they are determined to make their customers have the best experience at their all networked locations nationwide.

He explained that their customers have played a critical role in our financial and expansion growth and though we celebrate them on a daily basis by improving on their services there was the need to also join the world in celebrating their loyal customers.

Globally, International Customer Service Week is celebrated from 5th to 9th October 2020 to celebrate the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers daily.