Serengeti declared second most preferred destination for 2021

PROSPECTS of Tanzania, in particular the Serengeti National Park to get a huge number of tourists is increasingly large as the park grabs headlines as the second preferred destination for 2021.

Being only second to Maldives, Serengeti National Park has been singled out by global agents of an internationally renowned travel company – Ovation Travel Group due to, among other things, its unique features that animal lovers of all ages should go to the wild- life as it is the perfect way to immerse themselves in the animal kingdom and reflect their places in the environment.

Ms Joyce Novick the Luxury Travel Consultant at Ovation Travel Group heaped praise on Serengeti that is home to the richest large predator/prey interactions worldwide, with its plant and animal diversity being equally rich. There are more than 530 species of birds that have been recorded, a quarter of which migrate annually to or through the park. To witness those unique wonders, Serengeti offers game viewing, walking safaris, hot air balloon filming and photographic safaris.

Serengeti declared second most preferred destination for 2021.