Smart Codes has launched its umbrella company, Smart Africa Group (SAG.) that will house all its 5 departments that have since been registered as independent companies and are becoming subsidiaries. Over the years Smart Codes has grown from a Tech led company to one that offers different services in marketing, technology, and innovation. The move now is to have a more structured approach where all the services are broken down to fit the 5 subsidiaries.

Smart Codes started in 2010 with Edwin Bruno as the founder. The company was then incorporated in 2014 as an LLC and continues to grow. Throughout this time the focus of the company has been pushing forward digital transformation for its clients and partners. This does not change, however, the company is setting the stage to do even more in this same direction.

“Creating SAG enables the company to manage growth and increase trust from clients. SAG’s functions with this new structure, are advisory, leadership, and direction. It will oversee operations, provide a unified vision for the group, help to defend the interests of the clients, and ensure that each subsidiary continues to experience the same level of growth that Smart Codes has had so far. By creating SAG we can ensure that we have the best talent, tools, and processes” said Edwin Bruno Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) at SAG.

SAG Chief Executive Officer and Chief Visionary Officer Edwin Bruno in a group photo with Heads of Departments

The 5 subsidiaries include; Smart Codes that offers 360 marketing services to include strategy, digital, creative, media, events, and activations, and public relations; Smart Lab will continue in its role as a private innovation lab and accelerator focusing on the accelerator programs, skills development programs, talent, space, and events; Smart Foundry deals with products, specifically the whole product lifecycle from strategy, design, development, and management; Smart Nology specializes in one of our original services, technology development offering web technology, payment integration, mobile application development, all the way to gaming and raffle tools; and Smart Studio to offer production services like photography, video, audio, and animation production.

“The main mission of SAG is to build a platform company where we partner with African companies to help them make their mark through technology, media, and innovation. All of this will be powered by our subsidiaries who enable companies to build on top of our experience and expertise to solve different challenges. We’re joining African organizations and brands that drive digital transformation and are ready to work with them in this journey. As the old African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”” commented Edwin Bruno CEO & CVO at SAG.