Cristiano Ronaldo owns a $25 million private jet with a wait for it fax machine on board

The 36-year-old Portuguese sports star became the first soccer player named to Forbes’ billionaire’s list in 2020. And his current four-year contract with the Italian Champion’s League team Juventus brought in $36 million last year alone.

The money’s afforded him houses around the globe, fancy cars, and, of course, private planes. And though he’s in the process of selling his New York apartment in Trump Tower at a $10 million loss, he’s still got plenty of dough.

Ronaldo owns two private planes: A Gulfstream G650 that runs around $65.5 million and can fly 8,000 miles without refueling, according to The Robb Report, and a Gulfstream G200, which he purchased for $25 million.

He purchased the G200 in 2015 and had it refurbished in 2019.

While the jury’s out on whether or not Ronaldo’s recent diss of Coke really cost the company $4 billion, there’s one thing that can’t be disputed: This man really travels in style, and apparently with a fax machine.

A profile of the Gulfstream G200 by Simple Flying notes that the 10-seater plane includes an oven, microwave, and refrigerator, along with an entertainment system and a fax machine. Only 250 of the plane were ever made, so it’s very exclusive.